Compressed Natural Gas

What is 'CNG' ?

CNG is the abbreviation for Compressed Natural Gas, which is natural gas that has been compressed in such a way that it is lighter than air. CNG is a fossil fuel that comprises of hydrocarbon gases and vapor, and contains mostly methane. It is a by-product of coal mining, or comes from crude oil productions.

The conventional method would require fuel to be transported via pipelines but the compression of natural gas allows CNG to be carried in pressure vessels instead. Being one of the two forms of natural gases (the other being Liquefied Natural Gas which is used mostly for heavy duty vehicles and fleet) CNG is becoming the alternative energy to fuel cars, busses, pick-up trucks and other vehicles.

CNG is safe and clean, given its non-toxic and non-corrosive nature. It is also tasteless, colorless and odorless.

CNG is undoubtedly the fuel for the future as it is used in wide range of applications, such as industrial process heating, cooling, power generation, fuels for vehicles, fertilizer production and chemical production feedstock.


The CNG Project - 'SAGAS'

Borkir International promotes the utilization of Natural gas and has over the years invested in the Nigeria Gas market. We provide Compressed Natural Gas base stations for Auto refill.

The world is turning towards substitute to gasoline and petroleum based energy that is taking an upward trend in terms of price. Across the globe, extensive research is being conducted to find the solution that is good for the consumers and friendly to the environment while pushing the country into a more independent state. An increasing number of countries across the globe are jumping on the bandwagon to make use of compressed natural gas, due to its various benefits. It seems to be that CNG is the solution the globe is heading for, in the quest for alternative energy.

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Benefits of C.N.G

The benefits of CNG, natural gas offers significant development and progress on the countries' economy besides being kinder to consumers and also the environment. Needless to say, CNG is much more promising than petroleum based fuel. Considering its advantages, further research and studies are being conducted to bring natural gas to greater heights and make it accessible for greater use as the alternative energy of the future.

Affordable Price

One of the biggest advantages CNG provides is an affordable price. As the world continues to experience ongoing hikes in the cost of gasoline, the low price of CNG offers a glimmer of hope. CNG is typically at least 40% cheaper than gasoline.

Fuel Economy

Not only is CNG cheap, it also gives consumers fuel economy. While the pricey petrol gives a standard car owner about 15 km per liter, the low-cost CNG offers close to 20 km for the same vehicle. More than 300 km of driving range is promised by a CNG full cylinder. It is clear that CNG is giving consumers the upper hand.

Cheaper Maintenance

Besides, CNG is more likely to become a vehicle owner's best friend as it offers the potential of preserving the well-being of the vehicle, which translates into reduced up keeping cost. CNG is non-corrosive in nature, and is free from lead-like substance that widely used as additives in gasoline. This makes it possible to prevent spark plugs from lead poisoning. In addition to that, it must be noted that CNG fuel system is designed to keep the gas lock in, thus eliminating its probabilities of dispersing into the air, or spilling. CNG is also known to preserve the life of oils and lubricating oils have been known to last longer due to the non-contaminating quality of natural gas. CNG, which scores low on flammability contrasted by high auto ignition temperature, it is not likely to cause a fire, further considering that it is lighter than air.

Environmentally Friendly

Apart from that, the clean attributes of CNG gives it reasons to be applauded by nature conservationists for being environmentally friendly. As concerted effort is being taken across the globe to save the earth, CNG is way better than petrol as it emits lesser of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides into the air. In illustration, a car using CNG releases less carbon dioxide by almost 6000 grams, compared to a gasoline powered engine. Besides, its colorless and odorless traits make it a clear burning fuel that prevents black fumes when burnt. The use of CNG is definitely a forward move lessen the emission of greenhouse gasses that pose the risk of global warming.

Abundant Supply

Another big plus points about CNG is its abundant supply that the earth holds in different parts of the world. Nigeria shows great potential for natural gas production.

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